A meeting was held today with the dean of the Polytechnic Faculty prof. dr. by Samir Lemeš, as well as to the vice-deans Prof. Dr. Edin Berberović and V. prof. Ph.D. Nevzudin Buzađija, on the one hand, and a team of associates led by Admir Kulin, on the other side. The conversation was conducted in the direction of creating an environment for the research of young people in various sectors, and especially the integration of AI in various areas with the aim of automating the process. Certain courses of action were agreed upon in order to use the potential of young researchers.
After the meeting, Admir Kulin gave lectures to the students about the possibilities of research and involvement in the realization of research ideas.
We hope that this will be just the beginning of cooperation in order to make Zenica a place of innovation and creation of new values that will help young researchers realize their ideas.
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