An interesting educational visit to the PERO construction center in Zenica left an impression on the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica and the Polytechnic Faculty of Zenica. As part of practical classes, organized by professor Darko Petković, they had the opportunity to learn about different types of materials for building and decorating the home and garden, which are available in all PERO building centers.

Guided by the experienced director and owner of PERO, Mr. Mladen Perić, the students explored the store's departments step by step, building a deeper understanding of the wide range of products and services offered by PERO Baucentar.

Students also visited the panel cutting department, where they learned about the process of processing panels and making furniture. There, they acquired basic knowledge about technology and production methods, as well as various jobs that can be performed in the furniture manufacturing industry. Director Perić shared his knowledge and experiences of some local furniture manufacturers who cooperate with the cuttings of PERO Baucenter, stressing that this is a growing branch of the economy, where there will be plenty of work in the years to come, and in the training classroom the students had the opportunity to learn about the way of working in to the Corpus program, which is used for designing and planning furniture.

During the tour of the building center, they also visited the PERO interior salon, where they went step by step through the process of creating a visual representation of the bathroom with different types of furniture and ceramic tiles, which makes it easier for customers in the center to visualize their future space, as well as make a purchase decision.

This educational visit emphasized the comprehensive approach of PERO Baucenter in providing solutions for home and garden. Thanks to the dedication of Mr. Mladen Perić and the expertise of the staff, the students gained valuable experience and inspiration for their future projects.

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